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ORGANELLE MARKERS - Plasma membrane - peripherial




Fas-associating death domain containing protein (FADD)/MORT1 is a 23 kDa cytosolic protein, with an apparent molecular mass of 28 kDa on SDS PAGE, that serves as a signal transducer of Fasinduced ap. FADD contains a death domain homologous to that of Fas and interacts with the cytoplasmic death domain of Fas in order to initiate the apoptotic signalling cascade. Through its amino-terminal death effector domain (DED), FADD binds to cytosolic proteins such as TRADD, a cytosolic death domaincontaining protein that asssociates with the cytosolic portion of TNF receptor, or MACH/FLICE/caspase-8, a protease with sequence homology to ICE-CED-3 protease family, in order to transduce the death signal. The FADD-FLICE containing signalling complex is inhibited by a number of cytosolic factors such as the ICE/CED3 family inhibitor CrmA, which inhibits the protease activity of FLICE, and the short and long form of FLIP, which bind to FADD-FLICE complex.

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