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ORGANELLE MARKERS - Plasma membrane - peripherial




RIP-associated ICH-1/CED-3-homologous protein with a death domain (RAIDD) is a 23 kDa cytosolic protein that serves as the adaptor molecule that couples receptor signalling complex and ICElike cysteine proteases that cleave cellular enzymes critical to cell survival. RAIDD contains an amino-terminal domain that is homologous to the prodomain of two caspases: human ICH-1 and C. elegans CED-3. Its carboxyl-terminus contains a death domain that interacts with the homologous domain on a serine-threonine kinase component of the signalling pathway, RIP. Mutations within the amino-terminal domain of RAIDD similar to those that inactivate CED-3, prevents homophilic binding of RAIDD.


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