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ORGANELLE MARKERS - Plasma membrane - peripherial




CD27 (50 kDa) is a member of the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) receptor superfamily. CD40 and CD30 are also members of the TNF receptor superfamily. The TNF superfamily members are known for the regulation of cell proliferation and death. In contrast to the expression of other TNFR/TNF family members, expression of CD27 and its ligand CD70 is predominantly confined to lymphocytes. High expression levels of CD27 appear to be dependent on proper ligation of antigen receptors. CD70 expression requires additional co-stimulatory and/or pro-inflammatory signals. CD27 is a membranebound receptor, but a soluble form of CD27 is also produced. Soluble CD27 is found in body fluids and can be used to monitor local and systemic immune activation. In addition, elevated serum concentrations of soluble CD27 are found in patients with B cell malignancies and soluble CD27 levels strongly correlate with tumor load.


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